2017 New Product Spotlight: 504/604 Pro Balers

Pro standards, Pro performance, Pro results.

The Pro baler lineup from Vermeer has quickly earned a positive reputation for baling wet or dry hay in extremely dense packages. Let’s dive into the new players added to the Pro team.



504 Pro

The next generation 504 Pro includes the features Vermeer customers have come to know and love, but with a few added upgrades such as: updated belt tension locks and a new stripper band design, plus two gull-wing panel doors and more.

604 Pro

What’s one word to describe the 604 Pro baler? Versatile. Offering versatile bale types, sizes, advantages and savings. The variable bale chamber allows operators to make large 6 x 4 dry bales but also gives them the ability to make smaller silage bales to fit the operation’s needs.

Heavy Duty Components

Pro balers are built from the ground up to handle heavy, wet, dense crops. Equipped with heavy duty components including large chains and bearings. And the 604 Pro weighs in at nearly 8,800 lb, giving it the durability to maximize bale density.

Xtracut17 Chopper System

Precut forage is better for bale density, fermentation, silage quality and digestibility. This system allows the operator to use 0, 8, 9 or 17 knives at one time. Learn more about the advantages of precut forage here.

Camless Pickup

Built with fewer moving parts than a traditional cammed pickup to reduce the chance for parts costs and needed maintenance in the field. If that isn’t enough, this super-wide pickup measures 73 in.


One of the customer-favorite features of the Pro balers is the Hydroflexcontrol. Its role? Minimize blockage in the pickup and, if the baler does plug, allow the operator to clear a plug by hydraulically opening the baler floor from the cab to clear blockage and move the material back into the chamber.

Endless belts

When there are no laces to fail, it reduces the chances of maintenance and increases longevity. These 11.2 in x 472 in belts are made of layers of synthetic material plus rubber layers to provide extra durability.

Large Flotation Tires

Working in rougher terrain or hillier land? Flotation tires help offer smoother handling, reduce stress and wear on the bale and create less compaction on the ground. Standard on the 604 Pro, optional on the 504 Pro.

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation.