2018 New Product Spotlight: SBW8000/SBW8500 Silage Wrappers

What’s driving the baleage trend? Putting up high-moisture hay provides more flexibility to producers by shortening the “hay-making” window — enabling them to put hay up at the highest quality and avoid Mother Nature’s constant challenges. Wrapping high-moisture hay also helps increase palatability and intake with high-quality, high-energy, high-protein forages. This can improve feed efficiency and reduce protein additive costs, leading to increased weight gains and milk production of your beef and dairy herds.

Vermeer SBW-series single bale wrappers allow producers to wrap wet bales in individually-wrapped, high-nutrition packages. Ideal for small- to mid-sized operations, the SBW8000 and SBW8500 are designed to boost production output and enhance operator convenience.

Loading Arm

The loading arm on the SBW8000 and SBW8500 single bale wrappers guides and positions the bale gently onto the wrapping table. The SBW8500 increases operating efficiency by picking up and carrying a second bale during the wrapping process. The loading arm can be quickly folded for transport.

Electronic Control System

The in-cab, color touchscreen and keypad control system allows operators to follow an automated wrapping process — and even interrupt mid-wrap if needed. Operators can see field and total bale stats while controlling all functions of the wrapping process.


Bale Discharge System

Easy unloading is key to optimizing plastic usage and wrapping quality. The bale discharge system pivots up to cradle the bale, while the support brace engages the ground to minimize damage to the package with a lower drop point. (Available only on the SBW8500.)

SBW8000 Single Bale Wrapper

Active Bale Discharge System

As soon as the wrapping table tips backwards, the active bale discharge system is triggered. As the finished bale is being lowered to the ground, a cut-start system neatly slices the film and secures it for the start of the next wrapping cycle.

Bale End Tip

The SBW8000 and SBW8500 have the ability to gently tip wrapped bales on their end when unloading, making it easier for barn stacking. This end tip feature is an option on the SBW8000 and comes standard on the SBW8500.

Three Rolls of Storage

SBW4000 Single Bale Wrapper

The ability to store three rolls of plastic film on the machine allows operators to be productive and stay in the field longer while it is time to wrap. The storage stays clear of the machine during operation but provides easy access when it is time to reload.

In addition to the SBW8000 and SBW8500, Vermeer also offers a value-priced individual single wrapper, the SBW4000. This basic silage wrapper features static operational control for part-time operators looking to do a small to moderate amount of baleage.

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation.