Why Rob Flowers chooses to do MORE with Vermeer

Life is about growth, from small to big and young to old. We are always growing, always changing, even after we’ve stopped getting taller. For Flowers Hay Company, located in Whitesboro, Texas, growth is a main part of their story, too.

“We started 10 – 12 years ago baling hay,” said Rob Flowers. “Started custom baling, leased some land and produced hay for retail.”

Rob’s son, Adam, has also been a large part of their operation since the beginning. “I like seeing the difference from year to year, the ups and downs, and working through it all,” said Adam.

From used to premium

Let’s go back to when the work began, to the first seeds of growth. It starts at an auction, where Rob Flowers bought his first Vermeer rake .

“I bought a used Vermeer eight-wheel rake from an auction, and when I got it home, it was in shambles,” said Rob. “But I needed parts, so I called Vermeer. They said, ‘what’s your address, we will send you an owner’s manual free of charge.’ No other brand will give you a manual just so you’ll have one … I never forgot that.”

After that positive experience, and a negative one with a different brand, Flowers Hay Company turned back to Vermeer when it was time for more growth (and more durability).

“I had purchased a brand-new baler from another manufacturer and the baler had a massive amount of wear on it 15,000 rolls in,” said Rob. “So, I went to my Vermeer dealer. I wanted a core product that allowed me to put 40,000 rolls on a baler or 25,000 acres under a cutter. I wanted an investment. I wanted something that allowed me to pull that piece of equipment, multiple seasons, a product that once it’s worn and everything gets worn, you’ve got something to work with to put back together.”

Based on those parameters, Flowers went with the Vermeer 604R Premium baler.

From efficiency to commitment

Now, after a year of use, Flowers Hay Company has experienced the many benefits a Vermeer baler provides. Here’s what has stood out to them.

“The biggest surprise with the 604R on my first baling experience was the speed at which you could bale hay,” said Rob. “It will gobble hay. It’s allowed me more efficiency and more time with my family.”

Another feature that maximizes efficiency is the auto-eject system, which ties the bale and opens and closes the tailgate without operator assistance.

“That’s hands down probably one of the neatest features that the baler’s got,” said Rob. “You don’t have to reach over 100, 150 or 250 times a day to hit the remote, then put the remote back in and close the gate. You just sit there and the bale is out, it’s done, and we move on. The fatigue factor is just not there anymore.”

Not only have they experienced efficiency with time, but also with efficiencies due to Vermeer Net.

“Vermeer Net allows me to do more with my dollar,” said Rob. “This net wrap is great and it’s tough. We store hay outside, and if it’s a rainy year, you don’t have to worry about it. Vermeer Net is going to be around that bale 360 degrees.”

Vermeer Net offers little net stretch, with optimum net spread to cover square-shouldered bales from one side to the other. Strong netwrap, like Vermeer Net, can keep the bale wrapped tight to create improved water-shedding capabilities for minimal hay loss while storing hay.

The efficiencies they’ve gained with the 604R and Vermeer Net are important, but it’s the relationship behind the baler that matters even more.

“Vermeer has got a great group of people to work with,” said Rob. “I have never felt that I was left on an island. Everybody I’ve dealt with has always given me that sense of: I work for a family-owned company, and we’re going to be there for you. Just like my son is there for me and I’m there for him. We’ve got that commitment to each other and I feel as though Vermeer has got that commitment to their customers.”

Growth is a process

Like Flowers Hay Company illustrates, we are always growing and improving. But it’s a process over time that starts small.

“It’s been a growing process without a doubt, from small equipment to large equipment that produces more work per hour,” said Rob. “Because at the end of the day, the sooner you get home, the better quality of life you have.”

Growth happens on and off the field, from baling hay to buying equipment to spending time with your family. It’s about doing more of what makes your life worthwhile. For Flowers Hay Company — and many of us — it’s hay and family.

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