Hay Kings Podcast: Tedders

On this episode of the Hay Kings Podcast, sponsored by Vermeer, regional sales manager, Bryan Setzer, talks about the benefits and best practices of tedding.

Simply put, tedding lifts and separates hay to hasten dry-down time. Although tedding has been around in European countries for quite some time, it has not always been the most common practice in the North American market. However, it is quickly gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons among producers.

A few of the main reasons operations opt to ted are:

  • They’re making hay in high-moisture climates or have above-normal rainfall.
  • To speed up the hay making process.
  • To help improve hay quality.

To learn more about Vermeer Tedders, contact your local dealer or visit Vermeer.com/tedders today.

Listen to the episode below.