New 10-Series Small Trailed Mowers Get the Job Done

Vermeer was an original pioneer in developing and manufacturing trailed mowers. Today, that leadership position is affirmed as Vermeer continues to offer the industry’s widest range of features and cutting widths in its new lineup of small trailed mowers.

Producers have always looked to a trailed mower as a way to better utilize horsepower in a machine that’s more convenient to hook up than a comparable 3-point mower. The Vermeer TM610/TM710/TM810 small trailed mowers offer a new level of efficiency that cuts power requirements compared to similar 3-point models. Producers can find a lot to like in the 10-series trailed mowers, which come in cutting widths ranging from 8.1 ft to 10.5 ft (2.5 m to 3.2 m).

Convenient Hookup

The new TM610/TM710/TM810 small trailed mowers have a straightforward hookup procedure. Once the hitch pin is secured, the PTO and hydraulics are connected, it’s ready to go to the field and start mowing. It means less time hooking up the mower and more time actually mowing. WATCH IT IN ACTION>

Fewer Horses Needed

Because of their carriage systems, tongue and frame design, the 10-series small trailed mowers require less horsepower to get the job done. Horsepower requirements for the three models start at 50 hp (37.3 kW). That’s an average of 20 percent less horsepower required than traditional 3-point mowers, making the 10-series small trailed mowers more efficient than similar machines.

Toolless Suspension Adjustments

On the TM610/TM710/TM810 small trailed mowers, the operator can conveniently make adjustments, set the mower deck suspension and change blades. An exclusive rubber torsion suspension design allows toolless adjustments and helps reduce cutter bar weight on the ground and resulting impacts, allowing the cutter to float more freely over field obstacles. The Quick-Clip® blade retention system streamlines the process of changing blades. Slide out the clip, reload the existing or new blade, tap it in place and get back to mowing.

Keep a Low Profile

Low-profile cutter bar units on the 10-series small trailed mowers help provide clean and close cutting and minimize streaking and windrowing issues. Five-millimeter-thick, heat-treated blades are more shatter-resistant than in the past and help provide clean and close cutting and a longer overall operating life. A segmented, hex-shaped driveshaft helps cut down on repair time in the field.

Move efficiently, Mow More

The TM610/TM710/TM810 small trailed mowers feature narrow transport widths and a side-pull rotary disc design with a hydraulic swing cylinder that help make transport more convenient when moving from field to field. And a swath width that’s 80 percent of the total cutting width helps promote quick, even dry down depending on the crop type and mowing conditions.

The Right Clutch

The 10-series small trailed mowers feature a friction-style clutch to help protect the cutter bar. Located close to the cutter bar, it helps extend machine life against potentially rough terrain and reduces friction buildups at the start. A free-motion hub makes for convenient PTO attachment.

Want to learn more about the new 10-series small trailed mowers and other hay equipment? Check out and stop by your local Vermeer dealer today to start the conversation.