New Product Spotlight:  BW5500 Bale Wrapper & MC4500 Mower Conditioner

For almost 70 years, Vermeer has been a leader in providing agricultural equipment that is built tough, built to perform, built for value and backed by a strong dealership network. Most importantly, Vermeer is built around meeting the needs of customers and giving them a productivity advantage in the field.

The two newest additions to the Vermeer hay and forage line – the BW5500 bale wrapper and MC4500 mower conditioner – continue this legacy of quality, performance and reliability.

This new inline bale wrapper is designed to give large volume hay operations and custom operators faster wrapping times and more operational control. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that set the BW5500 apart from the competition.

Wrap Counter
Most inline wrappers available today feature little automation and provide users with almost no useful data, which often means custom operators must resort to counting bales manually in order to know what to charge farmers. The BW5500 includes an automated bale counter, with an easy-to-read LCD screen and resettable counts that make it easy to track operational data such as the total number of bales produced.

Digital Controller
Inaccurate wrap application can mean too much or too little wrap being used. This can lead to wasted plastic film or spoilage. The BW5500 comes with a digital controller that lets you set the desired amount of wraps on the baleage. The controller adjusts hydraulic flow automatically to provide the right amount of wrap is used at all times.

Vermeer BW5500 bale wrapper - prototype shown

Optional Remote Control
This lets you start, steer or stop the bale wrapper while away from the machine. For example, from the cab of a tractor or skid steer loader.

Includes three 30-inch pre-stretchers – which is one more than most competing models – for faster wrapping and less load time.

Soft Start
Designed to reduce machine wear and limit the chance of plastic film tearing on startup. This means potential savings in service and repair times and less hassle and expense with plastic film tears.


Vermeer added this larger model to its mower conditioner line to give large volume operators the size (15-foot [4.5-meter] cutting width), speed, versatility and reliability needed to cover more acres in a shorter amount of time. Here’s a closer look at the key benefits and features of the MC4500.

Vermeer MC4500 mower conditioner

Drawbar Swivel Hitch
With its balanced pivoting drawbar connection and a hitch pin drop mechanism, hitching up becomes a hassle-free, one-man job. The drawbar swivel hitch remains on the mower itself. No bolt-on drawbar attachments means no more lost attachments and no more switching attachments every time you need to pull a different implement.

Q3® Cutter Bar 
Modular shaft-driven cutter bar helps to maximize productivity by making the mower more fuel-efficient with minimal gear-to-gear interface, requiring less horsepower than gear bed style cutters bars. It comes with a Vermeer 3-year cutter bar limited warranty that covers the internal components and includes parts and labor.

Topping Cylinders
Gives you the ability to adjust cut heights in order to cut higher on the stem of certain forages that regrow better with a higher cut level. Cutting higher on the stem also reduces the amount of ash in the windrow.

Vermeer MC4500 mower conditioner

Quick-Clip® Blade Retention System
Allows you to quickly replace or reverse blades. Simply slide out the clip, reload the new blade, tap it in place with the provided tool and get back to mowing.

Quick-Change™ Shear Ring
A small ring with pins that sits within the disc hub. Pins shear when the disc encounters a potentially damaging object, protecting the internal gears and drive spline, while the hub retains the disc.