One Good Turn Deserves Another

If you’ve ever driven across cornrows with a grain cart, or tractor and loader, you already know how rough the ride can be if you’re going in any direction other than straight down the row. Vermeer engineers are aware of that fact too. That’s why they developed the optional Inline™ Ramp for the 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler.

The unique Inline Ramp makes loading bales in the field even more efficient by turning the bales during discharge to position them between the rows. Lining the bales up with the rows not only saves time in the field, thanks to easier loading, but lessens the need to drive across rows, ridges and stalks. Since less movement is required for pickup, the system also helps reduce damage to the bales themselves.

Custom baler Pat Schumacher from Ainsworth, Neb. says the Inline Ramp really increases efficiencies. “We can go down the row which saves on tires and time as well. I would estimate we are seeing a 30 percent time savings. We do most of our baling late afternoon into the night so we have to be really productive – that is critical to us.

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