Post-Season Equipment Checklist

Inspecting hay equipment before you put it away for the winter can help prevent issues before it stops you in the field next season. After all, the worst time to learn about a maintenance issue is when you’re in the middle of your first cut.

Prior to performing service or maintenance on Vermeer equipment, always refer to the product’s Maintenance and/or Service Manual for safety messages and further instructions.

  • Clean equipment (top to bottom) with an air hose
  • Change oil and complete a comprehensive lube
  • (follow the schedule in your operator’s manual)
  • Grease and inspect every fitting (wheel bearings, too)
  • Check tire conditions and inflation levels
  • Check the hydraulics fluids for contamination/condensation
  • Ensure cylinders don’t leak
  • Check hoses for scrapes or cracking
  • Check/Clean wiring on electrical harnesses with an electrical-friendly solution
  • Make sure all shields, guards, reflectors and lights are in place and working, as well as SMVs and decals
  • Inspect all high-wear items: scrapers, rollers, cam track bearings, pickup teeth, belts and lacings, roller chains and sprockets
  • Inspect friction clutches
  • Check all bearings for wear (pro tip: use an infrared temperature gun after
  • running the baler for 30 minutes)
  • Adjust or replace drive and roller chains as needed
  • Make sure belt tension settings are correct
  • Test/Inspect twine or netwrap systems
  • Pro tip: this is a great time to plan and preorder your twine and netwrap; Visit to learn more or contact your local Vermeer dealer
  • View wear on the discs — rotate/replace them as needed
  • Check the cutting blades for wear. Rotate them if necessary
  • Check the grease and oil
  • Pro tip: Since the discs must be removed to check the oil and grease, this is the best time to help reduce buildup – sap, mud, wire, rawhide, twine and netwrap — on and under the cutter bar

Don’t want to do it yourself? Contact your local Vermeer dealer today and ask them about the best time to schedule your post-season maintenance checkup.