Final Cut FPX9000 bale processor from Vermeer

Vermeer bale processors help you make the best use of your bales with the least amount of labor and give you the versatility you need to process round or large square bales. With three models to choose from, each designed to meet varying needs and applications, today Vermeer bale processors are at the front of the pack in terms of durability, performance and ease of use.

Before setting out to design the BPX9000, Vermeer engineers asked customers what they wanted and needed in a bale processor. The same answer kept rolling in: simplicity, durability and versatility. So that’s the bale processor Vermeer set out to build.

Simplicity. The slat and chain bale rotation design feeds bales consistently into the rotor, reducing the need to reverse rotation, and split shafts allow maintenance without having to remove the entire bed. Exclusive cut control bars and virtually self-cleaning rotor reduce excessive net and twine on the drum.

Durability. Heavy-duty sprockets and chains help ensure even misshaped bales are processed smoothly, and long-lasting bushings replaced ball bearings. Plus, a robust T-style tongue frame has no welds or gussets at high stress points to increase strength.

Versatility. An optional square bale kit gives operators the ability to process large square bales or round bales.


Final Cut™ FPX9000
The newest addition to the Vermeer bale processor lineup, the Final Cut FPX9000 combines cutting consistency, speed and versatility to provide true fine cut capability and a rapid processing time. Operators can control how they process feed and produce an optimal material size for feed mixing purposes to increase feed efficiency in cattle.

The FPX9000 delivers a consistent cut length ranging from 1¼” to 4″ on average with the rotor engaged by passing through multiple cutting points. Putting 60 flails on each rotor ensures an optimal amount of contact with the bale to produce a consistent cut length from start to finish.

The automatic bale feed system allows you to process the amount of feed you want, when you need it. When that time comes, the FPX9000 bale processor is ready for windrow or bunk feeding, or processing material into a bunker or other storage location for mixing rations later. An optional powered sidewall provides the versatility to process round or square bales, or increase material cut length by simply disengaging the high-speed rotor.


Catapult® CPX9000
There’s a reason why Vermeer named it the Catapult. This powerful bale processor gives operators the ability to process and distribute forage material consistently and accurately at long distances, making it ideal for multiple applications. 

The Catapult has the power to throw forage material up to 100 feet (30 m) in order to get up and over feed bunks in a cattle operation or for land reclamation and erosion control purposes.

It also has the versatility to process round or square bales, adjust distances (from 60-100 feet [18-30 m]) and control how the spout is angled and how the crop is distributed.

What’s more is that the enhanced performance and ease of use of an automatic bale feed system allows you to process the amount of feed you want, when you need it.

The Catapult CPX9000 bale processor offers a higher standard in power, versatility and ease of operation. Plus, the simplicity, durability and ease of maintenance operators have come to expect from Vermeer.