Why Go Pro?

Are you a large hay producer or a custom operator? Do you understand the value of a densely packed bale? Is productivity important to you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be a good time to go Pro.

Vermeer has produced and sold a 504 Pro baler for many years. Recently they launched a next generation 504 Pro and an all-new 604 Pro. Over the years, customers have chosen to go Pro for a variety of reasons – the most noteworthy of which can be narrowed down to two topics: Density and Productivity.

The Value of Density

Bale density is a significant component of evaluating hay production but is often overlooked. The density of the bale should be an important factor for a producer because there can often be savings and other efficiencies gained. These advantages can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Vermeer Pro Xtra Cut
  • Reduced netwrap and plastic. If you can put the same amount of hay into fewer bales, there will be fewer bales to wrap.
  • Reduced fuel use. The fewer number of bales you have to transport, the fewer number of trips from the field to storage location and then storage location to feeding location.
  • Less storage needed. If a producer is able to have the same amount of hay tonnage compacted in fewer bales, he will in turn need less storage – whether that be inside or outside storage space.
  • Higher quality forage and greater palatability. The denser a bale, the less room there is for oxygen. When making baleage, large amounts of oxygen allow the harmful bacteria cause spoilage and eat the protein of the hay.

The Pro line of balers from Vermeer are known for their density capabilities and are built from the ground up to handle heavy, wet, thick crops. Equipped with heavy-duty components (including large chains and bearings) and weighing in at nearly 8,800 lb (3991.6 kg) (604 Pro), Pro balers provide added durability to produce maximum density. In addition, the XtraCut17 chopper system (standard on 504/604 Pro) cuts the crop for better bale density, fermentation, silage quality and digestibility. Smaller pieces of forage allow the baler to pack more crop into one bale, giving it the extra density needed to reduce input costs. Learn more about pre-cutting forage from Dr. Dan Undersander here.

Productivity Matters

Of course, most producers are going to say productivity is important. But really, how important is it? The Pro baler line takes productivity to another level.

Vermeer Pro Hydroflex Control

The 504/604 Pro balers from Vermeer are equipped with a camless pickup that is built with fewer moving parts than a traditional cammed pickup. With no cam tracks or follower bearings, there is a lower chance for parts costs or maintenance in the field. The rotor helps move material into the chamber and generate a nice looking bale with square shoulders.

The Hydroflexcontrol that comes standard on all Pro balers allows the baler floor to flex up and down depending on the size of the windrow in order to minimize blockage in the pickup. If the baler does plug, the operator can easily clear plugs by hydraulically opening the floor from the cab to clear the blockage and move the material back into the chamber. This gets you, the operator, back to work more quickly. How’s that for productivity gains?

So, is it time for you to Go Pro? Follow this chart to find out:

Vermeer Why Go Pro balers graphic