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Mowing and baling can often be coined as the “favorite” jobs in the hay making process. Of course, everyone wants to be a part of the first job and the last job of the process but is important that the jobs in the middle happen too.

At Vermeer, we understand the value hay handling products have on an operation; after all, tedding helps speed up drying time and raking is a necessity for the baling process. Learn about how the TD-series tedders and RR140 rotary rake can impact your operation.

TD100/TD190 Tedders

The advantages of tedding are paying off for producers across the globe. Faster drying times often result in higher quality forage. The TD-series tedders from Vermeer are designed for speed, convenience and reliability but they are also priced for the budget-conscious operators. The TD100 teds at a compact 10 ft, while the TD190 teds at widths up to 19 ft.

Six Double Tines

Each basket contains six double tines that pick up a small quantity of forage, flip it and lay it back on the ground without damage or ash. The tender turn of the hay helps expose the hay to sun and air to shorten the dry-down window.

Toolless Pitch Adjustment

The toolless pitch adjustment on both the TD100 and TD190 allows operators to easily set the proper pitch adjustment. The proper pitch adjustment is crucial to get an accurate flip of the hay while minimizing ash content and wear on the machine.

Transportation Width

Although the TD190 teds at 19 ft, it can hydraulically fold up to a 10.9 ft transport width, making it convenient to move from field to field.

RR140 Rotary Rake

Vermeer added a rotary rake to their line up this year. Rotary rakes are good for creating light, fluffy windrows that have minimal crop roping. The RR140 has a maximum raking width of 13.8 ft and requires a low 40 hp tractor, making it ideal for small to mid-size operations.

Vermeer RR140 in field

Eleven Double Tines

The RR140 gently sweeps the crop off the ground and forms windrows at a minimum of 16 in wide and maximum of 3 ft wide with its 11 arms that are each equipped with four double tines.

Hydraulic Lift and Rake Adjustments

It is important that rake operators have the ability to lift up and over windrows while in the field. The RR140 has two lift cylinders that work off the same circuit to allow the operator to adjust raking height from the seat of the tractor.

Narrow Transport Width

With a narrow 6.9 ft transport width, the RR140’s perimeter guarding on both sides folds directly up and the 11 arms hook into storage locations on the tongue.

Vermeer TD190 in field

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