2019 New Product Spotlight: 50-series mowers

What’s Pella built, Vermeer yellow and equipped with features that make cutting hay efficient and more convenient? If you guessed the new 50-series 3-point disc mowers, you are correct.

Some say disc mowers are all the same, but Vermeer knows it is the small things that make a difference to farmers and ranchers. That is why they designed the new 50-series 3-point disc mowers (M5050, M6050, M7050 and M8050) to be more convenient. But don’t worry, it’s still the cutter bar you know and love, but now a mower with more convenience for your operation.

Quick hitch hookup

You’ll be in the field in no time with the quick hitch system. It’s one, two, three.

1) Back up your tractor.

2) Hook up the disc mower with a two-point quick hitch bar that connects into the links of the mower. Watch this video to learn more.

3) Head to the field.

Quick-Clip® blade retention system

Nobody likes having to change out broken blades. Fortunately, maintenance is more convenient with the Quick-Clip® system, which lets you change and turn blades in seconds — with no specialty tools required. With the folding front panels, you will have convenient access to change blades and be back up and mowing before you know it.

Low-profile cutter bar

Designed for cutting performance and maximized machine life, this cutter bar is the backbone of 50-series mowers. Self-contained cutter units come prepacked with their own set of gears, bearings and lubricant to help extend operating life. Even at increased working angles, grease continues to lubricate the gears and prevent flow to the lower side of the bar.

Vermeer 3-year warranty

Vermeer mowers are built in Pella, Iowa at Vermeer Corporation headquarters. With a passion for quality and reliability, the team from engineering to production to service are here to support the customer. Plus, a 3-year cutter bar warranty that covers internal components, parts and labor, allows operators to rest assured the cutter bar is backed by Vermeer.



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