2019 New Product Spotlight: 604 Pro G3 Baler

High-moisture crops are taking the hay and forage industry by storm. Of course, it takes a tough baler to handle the added tonnage of high-moisture hay. The Vermeer 604 Pro Generation 3 baler is designed and built from the ground up in Pella, Iowa, to bale wet, heavy crops but with the versatility to also bale your dry hay. It’s no longer about watching the weather but being ready to make high-quality hay.

Rather than worrying about being able to make wet or dry hay, you can focus on making the best crop for the cow. And with the nutritious, bite-sized bits of forage from the Pro baler’s pre-cutter system, your cows will see the difference come feeding time.

Atlas Pro™ control system

Monitor bale shape and adjust density based off moisture, crop and customer preference from the convenience of the cab with the Atlas Pro control system. You can also monitor real-time stats for up to 50 fields and get real-time information via the scale kit to know bale weight. These features add up to more informed management decisions and increased control on bale output.

New netwrap system

Spread it edge-to-edge with a new netwrap system designed for operator convenience. For starters, the netwrap is now in the back of the machine instead of the front for more convenient loading. Once that’s ready to roll, operators can monitor and adjust netwrap tension from the cab on a scale from 0 to 100 to maximize spread over the edges depending on your brand of netwrap. With the net gauge, you can anticipate when you will need to load a new roll as the gauge on the Atlas Pro control system shows you are low.

Camless wide pickup with rubber-mounted pickup teeth

Maintain productivity with a camless pickup, designed to minimize the emphasis needed on maintenance. Rubber-mounted pickup teeth can withstand more hits in the field with their durability.

Heavy-duty components

Handling wet, heavy crops can put added stress on balers. To combat this and maximize durability, the 604 Pro G3 is built with heavy-duty components like large bearings, shafts, rollers and chains. Having 100-Diamond chain on the left and double-80-Diamond chain on the right side of the baler gives operators the confidence their baler can handle the crop. New poly stripper bands provide durability and are quiet in the field.

Xtracut 17 chopper system

The Xtracut 17 chopper system uses 17 knives to pre-cut the crop, giving cows smaller bites of hay to fit the size of their mouths, to help minimize feed loss. Operators can select if they want to use 0, 8, 9 or 17 knives from the Atlas Pro™ control system. For a thinner, dryer crop, 8 or 9 knives may be a better fit. For a long, stemmy crop or wet hay, 17 knives may be best. Select knives right from the cab to make the desired cut for optimized bale density, fermentation, silage quality and digestibility.


Operators can be confident with four endless belts, 11.2 inch x 472 inch (28.5 cm x 199 cm), made of layers of synthetic material and rubber to provide the durability needed to bale heavy, dense bales. When there are no laces to fail, you can minimize maintenance and maximize longevity.


A new sleek design is pleasing to the eye and will certainly turn heads in the field. If the doors look strong as steel — that’s because they are. These are built to help withstand the test of time and tough conditions. Steel hydraulic lines are tucked inside the doors for a clean look. Plus, the baler rides on large flotation tires that help to reduce soil compaction.


The versatility of the 604 Pro G3 baler lets operators decide how they make hay. Bale it wet or dry. Chop the hay with 8, 9, or all 17 knives or don’t chop it at all. Plus, operators can even change bales to a variety of sizes. This allows operators to make larger dry bales and scale down for wet bales. The choices are all yours.

Pella built

The 604 Pro G3 baler was designed and built in Pella, Iowa, by people who know a thing or two about baling both wet and dry hay. The baler design was guided by feedback from Vermeer customers who want the power to choose how and when they make hay.

Hydroflexcontrol floor

The hydroflexcontrol allows the baler floor to flex up and down depending on the size of the windrow in order to minimize blockage in the pickup. If the baler does plug, the operator can clear it by hydraulically lowering the floor from the cab to allow the material to move into the chamber. This gets the operator back to work quick.