504 R-Series balers meet producer needs

The Vermeer 504 R-Series balers — Classic, Signature and Premium — were designed to cover the diverse needs of hay producers, from entry-level to those seeking top-of-the-line heavy-duty components and technology. Here’s what producers are saying about why each model of the 504 R-Series baler is a good fit for their operations.

504R Classic: Roger Clark has been producing hay for almost a half-century in an area of Virginia where hay buyers are typically smaller and prefer the easier-to-handle 4×5 round bales, of which he produces around 350 each year. Between these customer preferences, the flexibility to use both netwrap and twine, and his relatively low horsepower needs, Clark said the 504R Classic baler was a good fit for his operation. “The 4×5 round bales are the only ones I produce because they’re easier to haul and don’t require as much horsepower to handle,” Clark said. “It is a good fit for how many bales I produce every year. It’s the right size for my operation, and it handles my hilly ground very well.”

504R Signature: Producing around 1,400 large round bales each year in east Tennessee requires a baler that’s durable and efficient. That’s exactly what cattleman and hay producer Tony Bragg found in the 504R Signature baler, and why he was the first to purchase the baler from his local dealer when it became available. It’s a good fit for his operation, not just because of its durability, but because of the baler’s heavy-duty components that enable him to bale efficiently. “Everything just runs smoothly, and it saves me time and energy,” Bragg said. “The netwrap works so well, it picks the hay right up and you never have to slow down. Somebody’s put some real thought into this baler.”

504R Premium: Mark Robertson feeds around 350 cows each year with the 1,600 bales he produces on his operation in southern Missouri. He feeds both dry hay and corn silage, so he needs a baler that can handle a variety of different feedstocks. That’s the biggest reason the Vermeer 504R Premium baler is a good fit for his operation. “I like to bale silage and dry hay, so this baler allows me to go out there and bale it whenever I need it,” Robertson said. “I can bale so much more hay in a day with the netwrap system, and the 504R Premium helps me get more done in a day than I used to, and that’s what makes it such a good fit in my operation here.”


Vermeer Baler comparison chart