Vermeer Q3® cutter bar versus standard cutter bar – why it’s worth it

Vermeer offers two different types of cutter bars on their hay mowers: standard and Q3® cutter bars. Both cutter bars come with a Quick-Clip® blade retention system and a 3-year cutter bar warranty, however, there are differences worth noting.

The Q3® cutter bar, available on Vermeer mower conditioners and select trailed mowers, provides high hay cutting performance in the field with low horsepower requirements. But what really sets the Q3 cutter bar apart from a standard cutter bar? The modular disc design, minimal gear-to-gear interface and the way the convenient cutter bar access eases routine maintenance. Let’s break it down further below.

The 3 Q’s behind the Q3 cutter bar:

  1. Quick-Clip® blade retention system
  2. Quick-Change™ shear ring
  3. Quick-check oil

QUICK-CHANGE™ SHEAR RING – A small ring with pins that sits within the disc hub on the Q3 cutter bar. If the mower encounters certain potentially damaging obstacles, the pins can shear to help protect the internal gears and drive spline, while the hub retains the discs. Only available on the Q3 cutter bar, operators replace the shear ring rather than the hub.

QUICK-CHECK OIL – A built-in dipstick to check oil levels of the individual cutter units. The dipstick can be checked with access on top of each cutter unit – only available on the Q3 cutter bar.

LARGER, HEAVIER DISCS – Discs on the Q3 cutter bar are larger so fewer discs are needed to cover the same number of acres in comparison to a standard cutter bar. In addition to its wider swath, the Q3 cutter bar is built with heavy-duty components and has the durability to withstand the uneven field conditions.

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