Features of the Atlas™ Control System

Introducing the Atlas control system for monitoring and controlling hay tools from Vermeer. At an economical price point, Atlas offers simple intuitive operations and control. It comes equipped with a 4.3-in color touchscreen display. Similar to the atlas in your glovebox, the system offers you a simple way to navigate putting up hay.

  1. An alarm notifies the operator when the baler is near full, when it is full, when the tie cycle is complete, the tailgate is closed or when there is an error.
  2. Intuitive navigation allows operators to adjust settings, read bale statistics and review diagnostic screens.
  3. Ensures your tailgate is locked before starting your next bale with this visual indication.
  4. Bale size indication gives near full and full notifications to help the operator know when the correct bale size is reached.
  5. When desired, start and pause touch buttons allow for manually starting or pausing the tie cycle.
  6. Left/right bale shape indicators help operators bale a dense, evenly packed bale. When the bale is full, this portion of the screen will change to indicate the tailgate is open when ejecting the bale.
  7. When the baler is equipped with moisture sensors, real-time moisture readings are shown here.
  8. The top bale number indicates how many bales have been produced in the current field and the bottom number indicates how many total bales are on the machine.
  9. Keeps track of bale statistics and information for up to 10 fields. Data can be viewed through the display.

Atlas control system comes standard on the 504R Premium, 504R Signature and 504R Classic baler.