A Guide to Choosing the Best Round Baler for Your Needs

Versatile line makes it easy to choose the best round baler for your needs

604 R-series balers offer a range of performance, sophistication and speed that supports all types of hay producers.

Most forage producers share the same goal: produce consistent, high-quality bales. But there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all baler that matches every producer’s needs; some want simplicity and ease-of-use while others demand smart features, high speed and maximum output. So what’s the best round baler for you?

The Vermeer 604 R-series balers offer a range of standard and optional features. Three 6-ft x 4-ft (1.8-m x 1.2-m) models — Classic, Signature and Premium — were built with thoughtful combinations of benefits and features that provide the right levels of sophistication, performance, speed and versatility to meet the needs of just about every hay producer.

The 604 R-series balers are built from a common foundation with the rugged durability hay producers have come to expect from Vermeer equipment. All three models are equipped with a camless pickup and rotor, a hydraulic density system and netwrap system. Read on to discover which one of them is the best hay baler for you.

Economical baler with minimal setup: 604R Classic

This user-friendly model was designed for the forage producer who wants minimal setup and has low horsepower needs. Outfitted with the AtlasTM control system that lets you track field statistics like bales per hour and bales per field. The 604R Classic is suited for small- to mid-sized producers, with both twine and netwrap options, who make less than 1,500 dry bales a year. “It’s an economical baler that offers simplicity for the producer who does not require all the latest technology in the field,” said Product Manager Bart Elder.

Low horsepower requirements    Even or flat fields. No cornstalk bales

Versatile baler when convenience is key: 604R Signature

The extremely versatile 604R Signature baler is built for a wide range of hay and forage operations. If you’re a full-time producer who bales dry and wet hay, you’ll find the optional silage kit makes it convenient to switch between the two.

“If you want more control and the ability to make adjustments in the field, the 604R Signature is right for you,” said Elder. Because it’s equipped with the Atlas ProTM control system, you can monitor moisture, adjust bale shape and density, and fine-tune net tension — all from the comfort of the cab.

In-cab adjustments. Track bale and field data. Suited for rough fields and cornstalk bales

The best baler for a high-producing haymaker: 604R Premium

If you’d describe the best baler for you as one that’s high output, silage ready and loaded with the latest technology, get ready to put up some serious crop with the 604R Premium baler. Like the 604R Signature, it’s equipped with the Atlas ProTM control system. Beyond the other balers in this series, it has a 19% increase in baling speed and capacity compared to the 604R Signature, and it can produce bales 30% denser compared to the 604R Signature and Classic balers.

“If you’re a high-producing haymaker with high expectations for speed in the field and quality in your bales, the 604R Premium has the features right for your operation,” Elder said. Its industry-first net lift system allows you to carry a roll from either the truck or ground up into the netwrap system using an electric thumb control. You’ll save time with the standard auto-eject feature that helps eliminate two steps in the baling process, while heavy-duty components provide the toughness you need to bale both dry and high-moisture hay.

To determine which is the best baler for you, think about what you need from your baler in the field. Then consider your budget. Talk to your local Vermeer dealer. They’ll help you find the right 604 R-series for your operation.

Auto-eject system is designed with operator convenience in mind. Denser bales are less susceptible to spoil and rot when stored for long periods of time.

Denser bales tend to keep shape better which is necessary when transporting bales. Suited for rough fields and cornstalk bales

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