A Vermeer Tedder Advantage: Hook Tines

Who should use a Vermeer TE-series tedder featuring the unique hook tine design? The simple answer: any hay producer who wants to speed up the hay-making process and help improve hay quality. Vermeer tedders are especially useful when working in high-moisture climates with above-normal rainfall and when trying to reduce nutritional losses in downed hay and forage.

Vermeer designed TE-series tedders for heavy-duty performance to be easy to use, transport and maintain.

Tedder tines designed to perform

The unique configuration and special angle of the hook tine allows Vermeer TE-series tedders to pick up and spread larger amounts of crop than conventional tedders with straight tines. Six or seven double tedder tines on each basket help ensure forage is handled gently, minimizing leaf loss and keeping the nutritional integrity of the crop.

Excellent ground contouring and reduced crop contamination

These tedder tines create a “bottoms-up” tedding action: The shorter leg of the double tine picks up drier crop material off the surface as the longer leg picks up the lower and wetter material, allowing operators to flip wet material on top instead of blending the two together. The tedder lays the forage back on the ground in an even spread. This helps create the proper dry-down consistency and speed up the entire haymaking process.

Compared to straight tedder tines, Vermeer hook tines are better able to adapt and follow the ground, picking up and turning the crop. Their unique design allows operators to effectively hit the low spots between rotors for clean crop pickup and excellent ground contouring. Vermeer tedders with hook tines also help avoid the crop contamination that frequently happens when straight tines excessively dig into the ground.

Durable tedder tines backed by a warranty

The hook tines on Vermeer tedders are specially positioned at a trailed angle to handle high speeds and output. Not only does this positioning increase productivity, but it also minimizes tine breakage. The specially coiled hook tine design is significantly flexible. The tedder tines are built to last, and they’re the only hook tines in the field today that are backed by a three-year limited warranty.

Find out what a Vermeer tedder can do for you

Talk to your local Vermeer dealer to learn more about putting a TE-series tedder to work for you. They can tell you more about the advantages of hook tines and how they’ll benefit the work you’re doing in your individual fields. You can also learn more at Vermeer.com.