Three reasons why Vermeer Credit Corporation is the way to go

When it comes time to purchase a piece of hay equipment, the first of many questions a customer might ask the dealer is, “Can I finance it?” Vermeer understands that for a large percentage of operations, securing financing is critical to help offset initial equipment investment costs. Vermeer Credit Corporation’s (VCC) mission is to support its equipment dealers to better serve those customer needs.

Learn about three ways VCC is different:


1. Personal, trusted service from start to finish.

While there are other equipment brands with in-house financial subsidiaries at their disposal similar to VCC, we have something special behind the scenes that we’re not afraid to brag about: People who care.

“For most short-line manufacturers like Vermeer, it’s pretty rare to have in-house financing options,” said Bryan Setzer, Vermeer Corporation regional manager. “Some financial partners are interested in new sign-ups. At VCC you’re not just a number to Vermeer, you’re our customer start to finish.”

VCC Retail Finance Manager Lisa Van Gorp couldn’t agree more. She said her team, who handles the financing process, makes it their mission to provide a seamless process while connecting with their customers.

“VCC is unique because we provide truly personal service,” Van Gorp said. “We love talking to the dealers and customers to understand their financial situations better, and celebrate as a team every time we are able to achieve a customer’s desired outcome.”

Another benefit of VCC’s personal service? You get to talk to real people every time you call.

“A lot of customers are surprised when they call us and they get an actual person on the line. There’s no menu where you’re pushing five buttons before you get to someone. If you call, we answer,” Van Gorp said. “The personal connections you get — or the ‘Vermeer magic,’ as we like to call it — are present throughout every VCC interaction.”

2. Fast, simple, tailored financing solutions.

“We call it tailored financing. A lot of our customers like to buy their equipment in the off season, so they have it ready before the season kicks off,” Van Gorp said. “But these purchase times are not always favorable, so VCC attempts to adjust the payment schedule to better align with the customer’s cash flow.”

If a cattle producer buys a piece of hay equipment in the spring but doesn’t sell calves until the fall or first of the year, VCC tries to adjust the payment schedule to better align with the customer’s cattle sale income.

Prefer annual payments? No problem. Monthly payments? VCC can do that, too.

VCC is all about improved customer experiences. That means your questions along the way are promptly answered, and your loan application process won’t require you to jump through a lot of hoops. The goal is to get you home with your new equipment as fast as possible — in most cases, the same day.

3. Special financing offers.

You’ve likely seen ads for Vermeer special financing offers that are available exclusively through VCC and change throughout the year based on equipment seasonality. Each offer is only available for a short period of time, but if you do decide to pull the trigger and buy your equipment during a promotional offer period, you’re likely getting one heck of a deal.

“There are a lot of promotional programs where we offer 0% financing or cash back, which is very attractive,” Setzer said.

Local banks, farm credit unions, third-party financers and others can rarely match the VCC 0% financing terms or cash-back offers. Setzer said that having VCC in-house means they’re able to get creative with their terms.

“We create our finance offers based on regional customer needs: Are they needing flexible payments? Lower payments for longer periods of time? Monthly or annual payments? We truly look at the whole picture, and having VCC allows us to offer  that flexibility,” Setzer said.

Choosing VCC: Next steps

Now that we’ve sold you on the value of VCC, you’re probably wondering what your next Vermeer equipment purchase will cost through the in-house finance team. To learn more about equipment pricing and availability, connect with your local Vermeer dealer or check out our special offers on for great deals.



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