2017 New Product Spotlight: TM1210/TM1410 Trailed Mowers

For years, the large Vermeer trailed mowers have revolutionized the industry. Operations continue to consider making the move from three, 3-point mowers, three tractors and three operators, down to one trailed mower, one tractor and one operator, making their production more efficient. Let’s understand what makes the new 10-series (TM1210/TM1410) trailed mowers a 10.



TM1210/TM1410 Trailed Mowers

Market-Leading Cutting Widths

For producers who want to cut more hay in less time, the TM1210 offers a cutting width of 17.7 ft, while the TM1410 covers 20.8 ft with each pass.

Q3® Cutter Bar

The 10-series trailed mowers come equipped with the proven Q3 Cutter Bar. This modular shaft-driven cutter bar helps to maximize productivity and make the mower more fuel-efficient with minimal gear to gear interface. Features include the Quick-Clip® Blade Retention System and Quick Change™ Shear Ring. Plus, the cutter bar is backed by a Vermeer 3-year cutter bar warranty.

Transport Width

Although the 10-series mowers offer big time productivity and big time convenience, they maintain a narrow transport width of 9.1 ft.

Quick-Hitch Hookup

A patent-pending 2-point Quick Hitch makes hooking up an easy, one person job. Works on Category II or Category III narrow hitch.

Nitrogen Charged Accumulator Suspension System

The unique nitrogen charged accumulator suspension system makes it easy to adjust for various crops and conditions. What makes the TM1210/TM1410 system different? It allows you to save your setting and return to it, even if your system bleeds out.

Two Independent Cutter Bars

Two separate cutter bar units work with the suspension system to allow the mower to flex on uneven ground contour. Each cutter bar can flex and allow the unit to follow ground contour and pivot up and over obstacles.

Cutter Bar Guarding

When routine maintenance isn’t easy, it becomes easy to put it off. The new guarding on the 10-series mowers allows you to simply unhook the latch and swing the door guarding out. Ideal for changing or reversing blades to allow for a better cut.

Float Tires

Optional 480/45 x 17 float tires are available for both the TM1210/TM1410 trailed mowers. Most operators can benefit from float tires for a variety of reasons: limiting compaction in the field, ability to mow in wetter-than-normal conditions, or hillier and bumpier than usual terrain.

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation.