Why Ken Moses chooses to do MORE with Vermeer

When Ken Moses used to think of Vermeer balers, he wasn’t all that impressed. Frankly, he thought the machines were a bit overbuilt. After using a 605N baler on his operation, he sees these balers from a new perspective. He says, “After running one, I think they’re perfect the way they are. It’s worth it.”

Moses is focused on putting up quality hay to feed his 500 cow-calf pairs in northwest Kansas. On his operation, Moses runs a 605N baler, R2800 rake and a VT750 vertical mixer. It’s clear when Moses started to run yellow iron, he didn’t look back.

Moses sees the 605N as an invaluable asset on his operation to put up hay quickly, and with minimal time spent performing maintenance when he needs to be out in the field. Not to mention, innovative technology that can help him not only in the fields, but in the office, too.

Take out the guesswork

Minimizing valuable time performing maintenance during hay season sounds like a dream — with the technology on Vermeer balers, that dream can become reality. Features like the optional Auto Lube greasing system takes some of those manual tasks, and lets the machine do the work instead. “There’s not hardly any maintenance to it. It’s quick, everything’s accessible,” Moses says, “It’s just easy to take care of.”

Auto Lube is designed to provide automatic lubrication to critical bearings at user-defined intervals. It is controlled entirely through the E-Link Pro display, making operator adjustments convenient with the touch of a few buttons.

The E-Link Pro display does more than your average machine monitor. It can collect bale totals for each field you work, and even for different customers. The E-Link Pro display can track information for 20 customers, with up to 10 fields per customer. Moses says, “It’s just right there and the exact number — no guesswork.” This feature is especially beneficial when it comes time to organize billing records for your customers.

Good looking bales

Running a 605N has not only saved Moses time in the shop and in the office, but produces some good-looking bales, too. Moses believes that using Vermeer Net Wrap with a Vermeer baler is key to making bales you can be proud of. Running a 605N has not only saved Moses time in the shop and in the office, but produces some good-looking bales, too. Although he was skeptical of Vermeer balers as first, he found that using Vermeer Net helps him to make bales he can be proud of. Moses says. “I got this one and use Vermeer Net wrap, and they’re perfect every time.”

How does using Vermeer Net help make your bales look the best they can? Bales wrapped with Vermeer net keep their shape and have square shoulders — making them visually appealing. Not only that, but the bales’ shape also makes it efficient to stack and able to withstand handling and hauling. Optimum net spread, along with little net stretch, covers square-shouldered bales from one side to the other with ease.

Choosing Vermeer Net isn’t just about improving bale appearance. It’s an investment that helps protect the time and energy you’ve put into growing forage. Vermeer Net is made with heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for maximum durability and protection. Strong net wrap keeps your bales wrapped tightly. A tight and dense bale creates improved water-shedding capabilities for reduced hay loss while storing hay. For operators who bale wet and dry hay, Vermeer Net can be used to do both, making it a versatile net wrap.

With a purchase of Vermeer equipment, comes the support of a dealer network you can rely on. Having a single dealer that knows his operation every step of the way is invaluable for Moses and makes the dealership a one-stop-shop for his equipment needs. He can have peace of mind knowing he is backed by one of the best distribution networks in the industry for his all-yellow fleet, from raking to baling to feeding.

For more information on the 605N baler and Vermeer Net, be sure to contact your local dealer.

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