Vermeer® Net Strength Test

To put Vermeer Net to the test, Vermeer sent a bale down a 262.5-foot (80-m) track at 21.7 miles per hour (34.9 km/h). A metal pole sat at the end of the runway ready to take on the netwrapped hay bale and test its durability.

The result? Just a few pieces of hay flew into the air, while the bale absorbed the impact. Vermeer Net was strong enough to hold the bale together during the crash. Both the bale and the wrap were completely intact after the test.

While hay producers aren’t exactly replicating this experiment every day on their operations, hay bales can face some tough conditions. Whether it’s hauling hay from the field or long-term storage, hay bales need to be wrapped tightly with strong netwrap to maintain its quality. Vermeer Net can help.

Vermeer Net in the field

Vermeer Net isn’t just proven in a lab setting. It’s tried and true in the field. Take it from Tyler Knight, a hay producer from Missouri. Knight puts up somewhere between 2,500 and 5,000 bales each year. With his previous netwrap, he estimated he was losing 10% to 20% of those bales to rips and tears. That was a significant loss.

He called his local Vermeer Maintenance Tech for advice. After the visit, Knight tried a demo roll of Vermeer Net. He baled 347 bales in one day with Vermeer Net — and didn’t tear a single one. That was the day he became a firm believer.

More about Vermeer Net 

Vermeer Net is strong. That matters for a lot of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, strong netwrap helps producers create tight bales. Tighter, denser bales help maximize water-shedding capabilities, which protects against hay loss during storage. Tighter bales also help optimize bale shape for square-shouldered bales — making stacking more efficient and are better able to withstand handling and hauling.

Strength isn’t the only advantage you’ll find with Vermeer Net. With netwrap, you’ll finish a bale in two to three turns on average. That’s quite a bit faster than eight or more revolutions with twine. That’s more time back in your day.

Vermeer Net is also versatile enough to work on nearly any operation, even those without a Vermeer baler. Nine sizes are available, meaning Vermeer Net fits most balers with widths between 4 feet and 5 feet (1.2 m and 1.5 m). However, size options aren’t the only ways Vermeer Net gives producers flexibility. Vermeer Net can be used when baling wet or dry hay, allowing operations to create baleage and dry bales.

Bringing Vermeer Net to your operation

Ready to get the signature green, white and black netwrap in your fields? Vermeer Net is ready to be your partner in strength and reliability. Find your local Vermeer dealer.

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