2019 New Product Spotlight: 10-series tedders

What do all haymakers wish for? Good weather and more time. With the inability to control nature or add hours on the clock, Vermeer looks at it a bit differently. How can they help produce hay quicker?

Available in 17 ft (5.2 m), 25 ft (7.6 m) and 33.5 ft (10.2 m) tedding widths, the next generation 10-series tedders (TE1710, TE2510 and TE3310) are here to help speed up dry-down time, helping grant operators their wish. Learn what makes 10-series tedders a 10.

Hook tines

Staggered in length, the hook tines gently move the wet crop from the bottom to the top allowing for a quick, consistent dry down, using a “bottoms-up” tedding action. The unique configuration and special angle of the hook tine allows Vermeer TE-series tedders to pick up and spread larger amounts of crop than conventional tedders with straight tines. The hook tine is flexible and specifically positioned to provide output with minimal tine damage. Vermeer hook tines come with a 3-year limited warranty.


Large-diameter rotors work with exclusive hook tines, allowing operation with lower rotation speeds to evenly distribute crop and minimize leaf loss. The rotor and hook tines work together to separate heavy lumps of hay evenly, all without having to steepen the angle of the rotor.

Anti-wrap plates

Anti-wrap plates help prevent downed crop material from wrapping around wheels. This minimizes buildup and damage to wheels and bearings caused by tightly wrapped crops.


Heavy-duty, solid-frame construction provides stability and durability, while the radial pin clutch protects the drive components and center gearbox. A reinforced tongue offers longevity to help 10-series tedders perform year after year. Large tires provide durability and a smooth ride needed in the field and on the road.


Convenient adjustments to basket angle and height on the TE1710 allow operators to match the field and crop conditions.