2019 New Product Spotlight: 604 R-series balers

Since the introduction of the round baler by Vermeer in 1971 to farmers and ranchers, round balers have been the core of the Vermeer forage solutions business. With a team focused on innovation, productivity and providing solutions to the customer, the newest lineup of 604 R-series balers is no exception.

All balers in the series are built upon the same platform, featuring a camless pickup and rotor system. Moving from a Classic to Signature to Premium, Vermeer continued to add more smart and sensible features for high-output operations focused on productivity.

604R Classic 

True classics can stand the test of time, and the Vermeer 604R Classic baler was designed with the customer in mind. With minimal setup, low horsepower requirements, user-friendly controls and the option to bale with netwrap or twine, the 604R Classic baler is an ideal fit for small to midsize operations with affordability in mind.

604R Signature 

What does your 604R Signature baler say about you? That you value bale appearance and want consistent, square-shouldered bales. That you value simplicity and durability and want a pickup that’s built for a variety of applications. That you value control and want convenient-to-adjust, smart features that help make your operation more efficient—like the Atlas Pro™ control system. A Signature says it all.

604R Premium 

High-producing haymakers told us the three things they want in their baler, so we did just that. It’s smart. It’s strong. It’s fast. It starts with signature Vermeer components and is designed to be strong with heavy chains, large tires and doors that are strong as steel (because they are). With a 19 percent increase in baling speed and capacity compared to the Signature baler, it can also produce a bale approximately 30 percent denser than the Classic and Signature baler. With auto-eject and a net lift system, the 604R Premium baler is a premium baler for premium haymaking.

Control system

The 604 R-series balers are all about giving operators control.

With the ability to track field stats — such as bales per hour and average bale size — 604R Classic relies on the AtlasTM control system. A 4.3 in (10.9 cm) color touchscreen display allows operators to view additional metrics such as a netwrap gauge, bale shape, bale density and moisture.

The 604R Signature and Premium balers come with the Atlas Pro™ control system. This large, 7 in (17.8 cm) color touchscreen display gives operators advanced field statistics for up to 50 fields, data download capabilities and a large range of diagnostics, along with other field statistics including: bales per hour, bale weight (with available scale kit) and net tension.

Pickup system

604 R-series balers are equipped with a 71 in (180.3 cm), camless wide pickup. With fewer wear parts than previous models, the camless pickup is designed to minimize parts and maintenance.

The 604R Classic comes with a 4-bar pickup and spring teeth, while the Signature and Premium come with a 5-bar pickup and rubber-mounted teeth. And with the Premium, poly pickup bands are there to help handle increased crop capacity as well as quiet equipment while operating.

Netwrap system

Net spread is maximized by the latest netwrap system found on all 604 R-series balers which has an actuator responsible for feeding and cutting the netwrap and a hydraulic brake to control the netwrap tension. This netwrap system feeds the net directly onto the main belts of the baler, and smart features allow the operator to control netwrap tension from in the cab on a scale of 0 to 100.

3-year pickup warranty

Operators can rest assured knowing the pickup is backed by Vermeer parts* and service. See your Vermeer dealer for details. *Does not include teeth or hardware for teeth.

Moisture sensors

Real-time moisture readings can be found on all Signature and Premium 604 R-series balers to help operators make management decisions such as: whether to keep baling or let the crop dry, wrap the hay or apply preservatives. Optional on Classic.

Bale density

The more dense a bale, the less netwrap, cost, storage space and transportation an operator can expect. Controlling bale density on the 604 R-series balers is done from the monitor, which allows producers to define levels based on crop, moisture and preference.

The 604R Premium baler can produce bales up to 30% denser when compared to the 604R Classic and Signature.

Hydraulic pickup controls

You can eliminate the extra trips in and out of the tractor by lifting and lowering the pickup using hydraulic controls on both the 604R Signature and Premium balers, making switching from field to field more convenient. Optional on the 604R Classic.


With ease of use in mind, the 604R Premium baler can open and close the tailgate without operator assistance, reducing two steps of the process.

A clean baler appearance

The new doors on the 604R Premium are sleek and strong as steel (because they are). And flotation tires perform even better than they look, helping with flotation and field compaction for a good-looking next crop. Optional on Signature.

Net lift system

Help save effort with this industry-first net lift system that allows operators to load the rolls into the baler all via an electric thumb control. This net lift system comes standard on all 604R Premium balers and is optional for both 604R Classic and Signature balers.

Silage kit

The silage kit, comprising two idler rollers and a scraper, provides operators the flexibility to put up wet or dry hay. Standard on the Premium and optional on the Signature.

Camera kit

The 604R optional camera kit allows you to observe various portions of the baling process—hay entering the pickup or the bale ejecting.

Scale kit

The 604R Premium optional scale kit helps provide an accurate indication of how much hay you’ve baled. This allows custom operators to sell their hay based on tonnage and customers to be able to know how much hay they are truly buying.

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