Choosing the best bale processor to fit your operation

Vermeer bale processors quickly grind up hay bales and lay down consistent, uniform windrows for cattle. As the bales are processed, dust and mold are blown away and the hay is aerated, allowing it to become more palatable for your herd.

Defined by their simplicity, durability and versatility, Vermeer bale processors can be used for a variety of applications on your operation. These include:

  • Bunk feeding
  • Pasture feeding
  • Creating hay material for total mixed rations (TMR)
  • Blowing bedding into barns or forage into storage bunkers
  • Distributing a consistent layer of hay to help minimize erosion in land reclamation projects

Vermeer has two bale processors to choose from, each specially designed for a variety of applications. You can be sure there’s a fit for your operation, but how do you choose? We’ll help you find a good match for your operation, starting with a look at current models. Then, answer four short questions to find which could work best for your operation.



The well-rounded: Vermeer BPX9010 bale processor

When you need an all-around processor to tackle a variety of applications, the Vermeer BPX9010 is a great choice. This machine can distribute a consistent, uniform windrow of forage along the bunk line or out in the pasture. The BPX9010 can spread bedding up to 50 feet (15.2 m). For even more versatility, the optional powered-sidewall and straight-fork kits allow the BPX9010 to process both round and large square bales.

Outside of everyday use, the BPX9010 can help in special situations, like drought conditions. When rain fall is lower than average, you can use the BPX9010 to help maximize the resources you have on hand. The optional scale kit helps give a more accurate picture of hay used, while the ability to adjust cut size helps minimize waste by making hay more palatable for herds.


The long-distance thrower: Catapult® CPX9000 bale processor

Power and versatility meet in the Vermeer CPX9000 bale processor. Featuring a spout and hydraulic controls, this machine helps you get up and over feed bunks to distribute material. The Catapult processor can also accurately process and distribute forage materials up to 100 feet (30.5 m) away, making it an excellent fit for erosion-control applications.



Finding the right bale processor starts with understanding the needs of your operation. Use the questions below to understand which type of equipment could be the right fit.

Thinking about adding or upgrading a bale processor? Contact your local Vermeer dealer to learn more.