Why SandRock Ranch Herefords chooses to do MORE with Vermeer

In southwest Wisconsin at SandRock Ranch Herefords, the Vermeer BPX9010 bale processor is used to do more than just feed hay. Kevin Bennett and his daughter Stacy Moltzan manage SandRock Ranch’s cattle herd, row crop operation and hay ground.​ The Bennett’s cattle operation consists of 11 pastures for more than 400 head of cattle.  The family has farmed in Benton, Wisconsin for more than 125 years — making them fourth and fifth generation beef producers. Bennett and Moltzan find that the BPX9010 bale processor has not only helped them feed hay more efficiently, but also helps to support herd health and reduce time spent feeding and bedding their cattle.

More bales in less time

Being able to feed quickly can make any cattle operation more efficient. At SandRock Ranch, they know this better than anyone — they are grinding up to 10 to 15 bales a day for six months of the year.

“We can process more bales in less time with the BPX9010,” says Moltzan. The first 10 years that she was working at SandRock Ranch, they were feeding around 450 head of cattle in a day with just two people. With the BPX9010, they can feed that same number of cattle in just three or four hours. Molztan explains, “There’s a lot of people that don’t believe it’s just the two of us. It just makes things so much easier for my father and I.”

Maintenance is key for operators wanting to keep their machine up and running for as long as possible —  especially when it is being used daily. With features like the cut control bar attachment that can help reduce excess twine and net on the rotor or mixed within the feed,  Bennett and Molztan find that performing maintenance on the BPX9010 is convenient and simple. Molztan says of the BPX9010, “It takes care of you, if you take care of it.”

Do more than feed hay

SandRock Ranch is utilizing the BPX9010 bale processor for more than just feeding crop to their herd, but also to spread bedding. While feeding cattle, a uniform windrow of crop is distributed along the bunk line or in a pasture. For bedding applications, the BPX9010 is able to deliver a consistent and accurate spread at ranges up to 50 ft (15.2 m).

“We will go out every morning and we’ll put hay down in a windrow to feed to our cows,” Moltzan explains, “And then we might fold it up and take it to another pasture and I can drive along the bunks and I can blow hay into a bunk, and then we can go and we can fold the side up and pull alongside of a barn and we can bed calves and cows out with it in the barns.”

If you are looking to add even more versatility to your operation, the optional powered sidewall and straight fork kits allow the BPX9010 to process both round and square bales.

Supporting herd health

Using a bale processor gives farmers and ranchers the ability to help keep their cattle healthy and comfortable. “The BPX9010 is more than just something that we use to feed cattle with,” said Bennett. “It goes back to a management and a health thing. And that bale processor doesn’t really get enough credit for that.”

“Spreading crops out for feeding, especially in a pasture, can help reduce crowding and gives cattle of all ages the ability to eat comfortably. Moving cattle and feeding in different spots around the field – along with bedding – can help keep your cattle clean, too. Cleaner cattle can lead to less sickness for the calves, as they are not having to nurse off their mothers with mud and manure covering their udders.”

“It brings more to the table than just grinding up a bale,” says Bennett.

Designed to meet the needs of those who want productivity and ease of operation, this all-around processor is ready to perform in a variety of applications. For more information on the BPX9010 bale processor or other agriculture equipment, visit vermeer.com or contact your local dealer.



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